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Welcome to The Coronation Anthem

Shakespeare's Exquisitely Regal Lyrics and Leo King's Sublime Music...

The Coronation Anthem: Free - In celebration of the King’s Coronation


The Bard’s hidden talent for magnificently marking His Majesty’s Coronation – stunningly revealed by English composer Leo King.

Over four hundred years ago William Shakespeare wrote the perfect words for the 2023 Coronation Celebration of HM King Charles III.  They lay buried in Shakespeare’s play King John, Act III, Scene 1, until composer Leo King discovered them and was inspired to set them to music.

What hath this day deserv'd ? what hath it done That it in golden letters should be set Among the high tides in the calendar ?

The yearly course that brings this day about Shall never see it but a holiday Nature and Fortune join'd to make thee great

This extraordinarily smooth, richly-textured and harmonious composition, with dynamic and exciting orchestration by Dr Peter Macdonald, Director of the acclaimed Cantamus Choir and Orchestra of London, is now available right here, free of charge, as The Coronation Anthem video and recording, by MP3 file download (7 MB approximately), or by real-time streaming playout through this site.

This is our joyous and respectful complimentary contribution to the King’s Coronation festivities.

Leo King says “I picked up Shakespeare’s Collected Works.  It fell open at King John, and the words ‘golden letters... set among the high tides in the calendar’ leapt out at me.  It was a magically inspirational moment.  Right away, a naturally climbing, tumescent musical figure came to me to fit the words precisely, readily delivering a regally festive motif”.

Download or listen to and view this fabulous music and video, free, by clicking here: The Coronation Anthem

You will be thrilled and uplifted by this magnificent orchestral and choral work performed by the Cantamus Choir and Orchestra of London, professionally recorded at the Church of St Alban the Martyr, Holborn, London EC1, England.  Please enjoy listening to it, with our compliments.

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